Nominations Committee

This team identifies and evaluates the spiritual leadership of the congregation to fulfill the mission and vision of the church. They advise the Church Council on lay leadership needs in the church. They meet during the months leading up to the Charge Conference meeting, and do many of the following:

  • Become familiar with as many persons in the congregation as possible.
  • Work with the Administrative Council throughout the year to name other leadership positions.
  • Prepare job descriptions that are adapted to the needs and style of the congregation. 
  • Become familiar with the responsibilities for each leadership position.
  • Match potential leaders with opportunities for spiritual leadership. 
  • Present a nomination list to for approval by the Charge Conference.

Chair:           Rev. Lynne Humphries-Russ

Lay Leader: Linda Sapp

Member:      Linda Shifflett

Member:      Bonnie String

Member:      Amy Vitak

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