Famous Methodists

Film, Television, Radio: 

James Arness — actor; Marshall Matt Dillon in Gunsmoke 
Kate Capshaw — actress; Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, etc.
William Christopher — actor; Father Mulcahy on hit TV sitcom M*A*S*H 
Tim Curry — actor; The Rocky Horror Picture ShowHome Alone 2: Lost in New York  
Horton Foote — screenwriter; Academy Awards for Tender Mercies and To Kill a Mockingbird
David Frost — TV producer, performer, interviewer, writer 
D. W. Griffith — pioneering filmmaker ; Birth of a Nation
Fred Gwynne — actor best known as Herman on TV sitcom The Munsters  
Howard Keel — actor best known as Clayton Farlow on popular primetime drama Dallas
Rush Limbaugh — popular conservative talk show host 
George Lucas — writer, director, producer Star Wars, etc.
George Lutz — the real person who bought the haunted house depicted in The Amityville Horror
Patricia Neal — actress; Breakfast at Tiffany’s  
Donna Reed — Academy Award-winning actress 
Rex Reed — film critic 
Will Rogers — popular TV and film cowboy; humorist 
C Brandon Routh — actor; starred as Superman in Superman Returns  
Jeff Smith — the “Frugal Gourmet”, television chef; formerly an ordained UMC minister 
Christopher Walken — actor;
Darryl Zanuck — important Hollywood studio mogul (Fox) 


United States Presidents  
James Knox Polk — 11th U.S. President 
Ulysses S Grant — 18th U.S. President 
Rutherford B. Hayes — 19th U.S. President 
William McKinley — 25th U.S. President 
George W. Bush — 43rd U.S. President (convert from Episcopal Church) 

United States Vice-Presidents
Alben W. Barkley  — U.S. Vice-President under Truman 
Hubert H. Humphrey  — U.S. Vice-President under L.B. Johnson 
Walter F. Mondale  — U.S. Vice-President under Carter 
Dick Cheney — U.S. Vice-President under George W. Bush 

United States Political Leaders
Hillary Clinton — First Lady with President Bill Clinton; senator from New York; Secretary of State 
J. Caleb Boggs — Governor and Senator from Delaware 
David L. Boren — Governor and Senator from Oklahoma 
Dale Bumpers — Governor and Senator from Arkansas   
Alf Landon — Governor of Kansas 1933-1937; Republican candidate for U.S. President in 1936
Terry Sanford — Governor and Senator from North Carolina 
Lurleen Wallace — first woman governor of Alabama 
Willard Wirtz — U.S. Secretary of Labor (1962-69)    
Tom Bradley — mayor of Los Angeles 
Harold Washington — first black mayor of Chicago 
Eugenie Anderson — 2nd female U.S. Ambassador (to Denmark, then Bulgaria)   
Warren Christopher — U.S. Secretary of State (1993-97)   
Jesse H. Jones — U.S. Secretary of Commerce (1940-1945) 
Joycelyn Elders — U.S. Surgeon General (1993-1994)
Willard Wirtz — U.S. Secretary of Labor (1962-69)  
Mack McLarty — White House Chief of Staff under President Bill Clinton 
Michael D. McCurry — White House press secretary for President Bill Clinton (1994-1998) 
Vernon Jordan — advisor to President Bill Clinton
Lee H. Hamilton — 9-11 Commission vice chairman 
Geronimo — Apache Indian leader; his 1886 surrender was last significant Indian guerrilla action in U.S. (1903 convert to Methodism) 

A Chiang Ching-Kuo — President of Taiwan (1978-88)
Arthur Henderson — British Member of Parliament, Foreign Secretary, diplomat; 1934 Nobel Peace Prize
Chiang Kai-Shek — head of Chinese Nationalist forces and President of Taiwan
Abel Muzorewa — former president of Zimbabwe (former Methodist bishop)
Lester Bowles Pearson — Prime Minister of Canada (1963-68)
Oliver Tambo — African National Congress (ANC), President of South Africa (1969-91) Boris Trajkovski — president of Macedonia
Taufa’ahau Tupou IV — King of Tonga

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